Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still in the PICU

July 12

Today there has been no change except the BI PAP has been off since 8:00pm last night with Kiera's Oxygen holding at 94% on room air but she is still in need of frequent deep suctioning. Kiera is starting to come out of the sedation a bit more today and she was very itchy because of the mask.

It looks like things are starting to turn the corner some today!

July 13

There were no great changes for the better today but, then again there has not been any huge set backs either.

Today Kiera was transferred out of the PICU to a Gellette Childrens floor. There is a huge difference from being on a regular adult floor in any hospital and staying on the Gillette Childrens floor. Gillette is a specialty hospital for Children who have special needs, the hospital staff are so used to working with children/adults like my daughter and don't get rattled when she has a seizure.

Gillette just changed their age limit from 18 years old to 45 years old, that means that Kiera can always go to this hospital until she turns 45, for now this is great news, if and when that day comes that she can no longer use Gillette, we will cross that bridge then.

Kiera's O2 was still up and down throughout the day and night. She was still in some pain but she did just just have major abdominal surgery... she was very agitated and doing lots of gaging despite the pain meds.

Moving into a regular room, there is usually just a hospital bed, but Kiera has a way to wriggle herself out of any hospital bed. Two to three days before her transfer, I spoke to many staff members about the need of a enclosed bed system while she is hospitalized. The last thing Kiera needs it to fall out of the bed after such a horrible surgery.

We got to her room and no enclosed bed, just a regular hospital bed, this is so frustrating just because nothing moves fast in a hospital.

A bed was finally delivered the next day.

July 14th

Again, no change, O2 up and down, suctioning often, temp still present, now concerns about the incision, it was a bit red down below the brief area. Dr. was consulted and he then consulted the GI Doctors. Late this night the Surgeon came in to inspect Kiera's incision and stated that it was healing well.

Kiera continued to wretch and show signs of nausea, so the RN wanted to reduce the feeding rate to see that would elevate the gaging. Dr agreed to try this for the night hours.