Monday, February 27, 2012

Now in the ER...

Waiting to find out what is going on with Kiera, her stomach is distended and squishy by the J Mic-Key....I sure hope its nothing.

Well, it couldn't last forever....

Kiera ended up vomiting last Tues and aspirated. Her O2 dropped to 87 and lung sounds were course. She shortly after started with a temp. that night she was restless so there were 2 staff members in her room trying to get her settled and then she vomited. I am glad that they were there to help her right away. This all happened around midnight so the next day the house was trying to get a chest x-ray done at the home but were not getting anywhere as far as getting a Doctor to write a script so I told them to call her lung Doctor, he knows her very well and has seen her at her very worst. He has always said to me that when Kiera has any issues with her lungs to give him a call and he will write a script for an antibiotic. We are all trying to keep her out of the hospital. They called and got her on an antibiotic that night and got an order for the chest x-ray done, it showed middle and lower left lung pneumonia...we were all a bit surprised because its usually the right lung. She is still a bit gaggy but has not vomited again and now we are just watching for dehydration. We were able to keep her out of the hospital and get her back to good health at home!!! Go ACR!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Girl!

Well it looks like its almost been a whole year since I have posted.... but I can happily say that there is not much to report except that she has been very healthy, happy and content!

She however can not seem to heal a bad area right below her bellybutton, we think it started from the medal from the safety belt on he wheelchair. I think that her skin was touching it for a prolonged time while at a Doctors appointment and became very irritated. That turned into an open soar. It's been about 4 months and we can not get it to go away....probably have to add medal to her growing list of goes on!