Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things are quiet again!

Over the last few weeks Kiera has been dong very well!
I think that she is over her tummy thing and the lung infection. Her seizures have been very short, just seconds long. The other day, however she did have a 9 min 55 sec seizure and she gets a rescue med after 10 minutes so that was close!

But over all she is getting back to her loud vocal self!
She went to a Halloween dance and was a jail bird!

Kiera also changed her diet to the RCF from the keto-cal and again it has made a world of difference, the diet REALLY does work for her, we are so happy that something does.
I am excited to start to wean some of her seizure medications and see what all she will be able to do again. She is the max with all 3 seizure medications that her Epileptologist is surprised that Kiera does not just sleep all day!

I need to get some more pictures of Kiera, her hair is getting long and her skin is looking good, she is starting to have a more mature looking face.

right now things are quiet and we are enjoying that for the moment!